Full Set- $150

Fill( 45 min) $50

Researched and developed by recognised industry professionals, Lash FX™ are committed to providing safe, beautiful and high quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Individual eyelash extensions are the fastest growing salon treatment in the beauty industry.

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Lucy Liu are among the acclaimed eyelash extension enthusiasts. Lash FX™ lashes are all synthetic and come in a variety of lengths, thickness’s and curvatures. This gives our lash technicians the opportunity to create any look from fun and flirty to glamorous and dramatic.

Choosing the right products is a very important factor to consider when choosing an eyelash extension brand. Cheap adhesives and lashes can result in the lashes falling out quicker and irritation which causes itchy, swollen eyes.