Formerly called hydropathy, meaning Healing with Water, to revitalize, maintain and restore health. These medical treatments are often used in physio-therapy to improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce inflammation, target stress management, increase immune support, improve metabolism and detoxify the body.

Exclusive Vichy Shower Therapeutic Body Work

60 Minutes: $90.00

The Ultimate Healing Experience. Your modesty is protected as you surrender yourself to this indulgent & beneficial body work. Carefully positioned in alignment with the spine the Vichy Shower stimulates circulation, energizes the body and creates an unbelievable relaxing experience for your mind. Our Vichy Shower has seven adjustable jets to caress and massage your body creating balance and deep relaxation;

Soak Tubs

20 Minutes: $20.00

Each bath is freshly drawn with our extensively filtered water, then cleaned &disinfected before the next use. Choose one of our healing products to create a relaxing and therapeutic bath experience.


Our Vichy Shower has seven adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. The therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of the jets to achieve whole-body water massage treatment. When all 7 jets are on, there is about 50 litres of water a minute flowing over your body, producing in many people a sensation of floating on water. The effect of so much water movement on your skin is to increase the blood circulation, hydrate the skin and sooth the nervous system, enabling your body to balance and your muscles to relax.

During the Vichy Shower treatment, you lie on a padded table, with the shower jets above you. This water massage treatment is particularly effective following a body scrub or wrap, to circulate the recently absorbed products through your system, producing enhanced benefits.

Specific benefits from regular Vichy Shower treatments include:
  • Increasing the benefits of products recently absorbed by your skin
  • Reducing toxins and waste, improving your elimination system
  • Stimulating the skin drawing blood to the surface
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Hydrating your body through your skin, improving skin and muscle tone
  • Reducing your stress response through skin nerve stimulation

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy treatments improve your life quality by producing a large increase in blood and lymph circulation, strengthening your immune system, improving your metabolism and detoxifying your body. Hydrotherapy has the following general effects on your body:
  • Dramatically increase your elimination of waste assisting detoxification
  • Loosen tense, tight muscles and encourage your relaxation
  • Increase your metabolic rate and digestion activity
  • Hydrates your cells improving skin and muscle tone
  • Boosts your immune system allowing it to function more efficiently
  • Improve the function of your internal organs by stimulating their blood supply
Hydrotherapy gives your body valuable time to return to balance, improving its functions, decreasing the effects of stress and allowing you to return to optimum health. To improve your life quality we recommend you have regular treatments every 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your general and specific conditions.